About Us

hi! welcome to vaguememory! this is a website meant to serve as a personal corner of the internet for a system trying to make it in the world.

some facts about us:

  • 22 years old

  • identifies as transfem, lesbian, plural and neurodivergent

  • brazilian

  • occasionally will attempt programming

  • we like to play and draw


Things I do and have done

some assorted things i've worked on in the past and am currently working on now.

Heron's School for Problem Children (now)

Heron's School Logo

i recently started a webcomic! i've had this story in my head for years so i'm finally gonna try to make it a reality. you can read it here!

Toontown Rewritten as Salem (2020)

TTR logo

was a graphic designer there for a brief period in 2020, it was alright.

Toontown: Corporate Clash as Sophie (2021-2024)

Corporate Clash Logo

i worked several roles in corporate clash for the longest time, but most prominently i was a texture artist and writing director. most recently before i stepped down i helped with plenty of writing in the event leading up to The Director's Cuts

Toontown: Event Horizon as Requiem (now)

Event Horizon Logo

yea i know, a lot of toontown in here. i like it a lot! recently decided to join the team for event horizon as a texture artist and tech artist as i've been very fascinated by their development and wanted to get to know the game more. it's been fun!

Charmeez (now)

currently a wip roblox game my friends are making that i'm helping with! not much more to say yet.