Music Recommendations Because I Can

August 20th 2023

It's my birthday today! And I am very bored. So I'm making a new blog post about music that I (and the rest of the system) enjoy.

We've been cultivating a Spotify playlist since 2018 with over 40 hours worth of music, and we have a very diverse music taste, so sit down and enjoy these random recommendations as I scroll down the playlist.

I might keep updating this as time goes on? Maybe? We'll see.

TEMPOREX - Nice Boys

This song specifically really stuck with us during some hard periods back in the day, so I think it's a worthy first.

Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

This is just like, my favorite song ever in general. Not much more to say about it.

The Scary Jokes - Feelin' So Matryoshka

The absolute favorite of a specific someone in the system, The Scary Jokes in general just has a very interesting vibe.

Rachel Rose Mitchell - See What You Want

This one was recommended to us by a good friend, and we fell in love with Rachel Rose Mitchell since. Please go listen to her music. Please. Please.

STOMACH BOOK - Lullaby For An Angel's Egg, Pt. 2

I LOVE THIS PERSON'S MUSIC. It's obviously not everyone's taste but WOW it just hits the spot. I'm obsessed.

Anyway I could keep going forever if I wanted but I'm going to cut this post short right now because I feel like that's enough for one go.


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