I Promise I Still Look Here

January 31st 2024

this website

ok hi it's been a little bit since i actually wrote a blog post in this site. but that's just because i have no ideas of what to write! i really do want to write but it is hard. you understand. oh yea happy new year 'n stuff.

lately i've been pondering what else i can do with this site aside from what i already have, and i'm just trying to get my plans solidified before i keep working further on it. currently i'm trying to figure out what to do about my oc directories and how to handle them better, amongst other stuff...

i also added comments to blog posts because i saw someone do the same and i thought it'd be neat so thats a thing now!

other stuff i've been doing lately

been trying to get into some new media for a while, recently got myself to read thru all the scott pilgrim comics and i am fighting for my life trying to watch dimension 20's fantasy high. i have so many things in my backlog of media to consume it's starting to get scary.

it will be FINE tho right? right? right? yea of course. but i think that's really everything i have to say right now... so...


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